Posted by: pyeager | December 14, 2009

Snow Cover Continues to Expand

It’s December, and that means one thing–an expanding snow cover across the Continental United States. Fine–it means more than just that (Happy Hanukkah, by the way), but this is a blog about the weather, remember! 

It’s been a couple of weeks since we’ve looked at this snow cover map, and there is considerably more snow cover now than there was on December 2

Current snow cover (Dec 13, 2009); image from National Ice Center

 Snow Depth 

The following image is just a snapshot of where snow is on the ground; it gives no indication of depth. Th map does. It shows depth of snow at various reporting stations, with the key below. If you can’t see the key on the blog, click on the image to go to the Climate Center Web site and look at the latest information yourself. 

Snow depth (as of December 13, 2009); image courtesy of National Climatic Data Center–Paul Yeager

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