Posted by: pyeager | August 31, 2010

Will Hurricane Earl Be Like Hurricane Gloria?

By Paul Yeager, author of Weather Whys: Facts, Myths, and Oddities

Hurricane Gloria is one of the classic examples of how a hurricane can pound areas along the Eastern Seaboard taking an overall south-to-north track that the powerful Hurricane Earl will in the coming days.

Hurricane Gloria image--NOAA

Hurricane Gloria image--NOAA

Fortunately–I’m certainly not one of these forecasters who roots for the worst-case scenario (and they’re not hard to fine)–the worst-case scenario is not what the National Hurricane Center forecasters are currently projecting.

It’s still a little early to dismiss the most western track of their familiar forecast cone as not being possible, though, so all residents from eastern North Carolina to New England will need to monitor the storm closely. And residents of Atlantic Canada are at the greatest risk of a direct landfall.

I wrote a little more about this at AOL: Hurricane Earl: Shades of Historic Gloria.

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