Posted by: pyeager | May 28, 2011

Washington State Tornado Adds to Tornado-Filled Week

Paul Yeager, author of Weather Whys: Facts, Myths, and Oddities

Fortunately, tornadoes were few and far between on Friday, a slow finish to a very dramatic week. In the past seven days, the Storm Prediction Center has recorded 278 tornadoes, including the devasting Joplin tornado last weekend.

The three reported tornadoes were not exactly in the middle of tornado alley on Friday–two were reported in in North Dakota, with one in Washington state of all places.

It’s a weather myth that tornadoes do not occur along the West Coast. They’re not common, especially strong or long-tracking ones, but they do occur.

tornado frequency by state

tornado frequency by state

According to the Storm Prediction Center, the Washington tornado occurred near East Napavine, Washington, this afternoon. Only minor damage was reported, according to

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  1. The last paragraph under the state map pic claims there was no tornado damage reported in Napavine, but that would be incorrect. There some out buildings damaged.

    • Thanks–I’ll add that.

  2. Really? Interesting although nothing like that ever seems to happen out here in south eastern washington.

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