FutureTech Podcast's Richard Jacobs interviewed Tempo VP of Product and Co-founder Shashank Samala for a podcast published on June 28, 2018 titled, "How Software is Enabling Innovation in Multiple Industries by Reducing Engineering Prototype Development Time".

In the podcast, Shashank expounds upon Tempo’s core belief that innovation can best be achieved by cycling rapidly from the origin point of an idea to its conception and realization. Through the creation of process fluidity, the company's mission is to make it possible for engineers to explore and realize ideas at a faster pace—to reduce the time gap that begins at design and ends with testing. Tempo’s proprietary automation software creates an intact digital thread that rolls seamlessly from design through delivery. Engineers can upload their design and see real-time manufacturing feedback in a matter of minutes, and setup times are decreased as each machine can take its proper manufacturing outputs directly from the design, all within the digital environment.

Access the www.futuretechpodcast.com podcast below to hear Shashank's interview.

Shashank Samala talks on FutureTech Podcast

If you would like to learn more about Tempo Automation's unique approach to prototype manufacturing with software, visit our How it Works page. For engineers and design teams in the Bay Area interested in seeing the Tempo factory in action, tours can be scheduled by clicking on the "Book a Tour" button on the website.

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